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Demodectic Mange- Also known as Red Mange, Follicular Mange or simply Demodex, this overabundance of the Demodectic mite is most common in puppies and dogs with compromised immunity. Dogs without the immune strength to control the mites develop hair loss, sores and thickened, inflamed skin. Ringworm- Despite the misleading name, ringworm is not a parasite at all. It is a highly contagious fungal infection that spreads easily between animals and humans. Ringworm causes itchy, scaly patches of hair loss and inflammation that sometimes have a “bullseye” appearance. Seasonal or Food Allergies- Diagnosing allergies in dogs can be complicated and costly because the symptoms manifest in many different ways. In order to assist your veterinarian, be sure to bring a list of all foods your dog eats – including treats, bones and table food. The time of year your dog is most affected by skin irritations, any new bedding, change in laundry detergent or environmental factors should also be mentioned to rule out a contact allergy.